If you’re brooding about doing all of your own electrical repairs, you would like to understand the law prohibits anyone without a Part B qualification. The rationale being is straightforward, without proper training and a qualified skill set, working with electricity is life-threatening.

Who is responsible for making sure that electrical work meets the requirements of Part P?

By law, all homeowners and landlords must be able to prove that all electrical installation work meets Part P, or they will be committing a criminal offence.

Local authorities can make homeowners or landlords remove or alter any work that does not meet the Building Regulations.

What does Part P of the Building Regulations mean for me?

If you use a registered electrician, you can expect to have safe electrical installation work done, as the work will meet the UK national standard, BS 7671 (Requirements for Electrical Installations). When the work is finished you will receive:

  • an Electrical Installation Certificate or Minor Work Certificate that confirms that the work meets BS 7671

Therefore anything beyond changing a lightbulb, you’ll want to call a trusted licensed electrician to avoid risk to your personal safety.

Qualified electricians are ready to work on you’re home and office electrical as they need to undergo years of coaching. Electricians are conscious of all the potential hazards trade can incur to their personal safety while completing the work, and you’re safe after the work is complete. With the right tools, safety protection, and training qualified electricians will confirm they avoid the danger of electrocution on the work and safety proof of your home for potential electrical hazards like electrical sparking resulting in fires.

Additionally, by hiring a qualified electrician negative impacts on your insurance cover. If you’ve completed your own work and something goes wrong by installing illegal wiring, your insurance won’t cover any damage. In turn, your electrical and residential repair will cost you less in the long run.

7 Things to be aware of

  • Rubber won’t always protect you from electric shock
  • You should never use an object like a wooden broom to maneuver power lines.
  • Rubber boots and rubber gloves don’t mean you’re safe when dealing with power lines
  • The danger of completing trade includes severe injury or death
  • It is even possible for qualified electricians to possess nasty accidents, therefore amateurs should never attempt reception electrical.
  • While you’ll complete a job and it seems fine, you’ll be certain an unfortunate surprise down the track.
  • Electrical work completed without a license will mean you’ll receive no refund just in case of error or damage.

Overall, you ought to never plan to do trade. Not only is it unsafe for yourself and therefore the people around you, but you’ll even be breaking the law. If you’ve got some electrical jobs around the home that are on you’re to-do list, it’s best to contact the professionals at Volterra Electric based in Derry. Volterra Electric are world-class electrical experts who know everything there’s to understand about safely completing electrical in your home or office. Our prompt electrical solutions have helped many people seeking electricians in Derry. Contact an expert electrician today!

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